Event Application – French Market District

French Market & Crescent Park Venues

*Event Rental Request Must Be Submitted 90 Days Prior To The Event*

Oscar Dunn Park (formerly Washington Artillery Park): Located on the riverside of the 700 block of Decatur Street, Oscar Dunn Park is comprised of an Amphitheatre, street level plaza, and platform overlooking iconic Jackson Square and the Mississippi River.

Dutch Alley: Nestled away in the 900 block of North Peters Street, Dutch Alley is an intimate block-long linear space that spans between Dumaine and St. Philip Streets. The picturesque French Quarter setting tucked between the retail shop frontage and the riverfront parking lot hosts numerous annual festivals and social events.

Flea Market Pop-Up Event & Festival Space: The open-air Flea Market Pop-up Event and Festival Space located along French Market Place is perfect for emerging festivals and cultural events. Nearly a block long, the blank canvas space can accommodate stages, tents, and more.

Crescent Park Mandeville Wharf: Nestled on the crescent of the Mississippi River, Mandeville Wharf is a rejuvenated wharf space with a nod to New Orleans industrial past.  Urban design with exposed steel beams and concrete surfaces frame the New Orleans skyline as the backdrop for your special event.  With over 65,000 square feet of space under the Mandeville Pavilion and the adjacent Ellipse Lawn the airy Mandeville Wharf can host events from the intimate   social gathering to the grandiose corporate event. 

Crescent Park Piety Wharf: Found in the downriver section of Crescent Park, Piety Wharf is an open-air venue over the Mississippi River offering an unparalleled vista of the New Orleans skyline.  The unique renewal of this retired industrial wharf space with concrete, wood, and steel accents hued in burnt sienna sets a   sophisticated urban vibe for any event.  Offering 2,800 square feet of alfresco event space, Piety Wharf is an ideal setting for small and medium gatherings.

Crescent Park Piety Gardens: Piety Gardens highlights the placement of former rail lines that serviced the wharfs along the Mississippi River with lush native and    ornamental greenery. The serene gardens set against the dramatic urban   design of the Piety Street Footbridge are the perfect space for an intimate    affair.

Crescent Park Kick About Greenspace: The Downriver Kick About in Crescent Park is     located between the Piety Crossing, also known as the Rusty Rainbow, and the Mazant Street Ramp entrance.  Adjacent to the banks of the Mississippi River, the Kick About is a quiet green space with views of a preserved river batture ecosystem. Spread out in this large natural park space for a birthday party or family reunion.

Please note: Submission of the application does not confirm use of requested spaces. All events in the French Market District must be authorized by the French Market Corporation and processed through the New Orleans One-Stop Office for permitting.

Event Screening Questionnaire

The following questions will determine the correct application supplements that will be required for your event to be fully permitted. Any permissions may be revoked if there has been misrepresentation in the application with respect to the nature and location of the activity.