Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival – French Market District

May 14, 2022 | 11:00am-4:00pm

at the French Market!

Festival Food Vendors

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Cup-bob $8.00  

Cooked rice with Korean BBQ and vegetables

Mandoo One serving 4 for $5.00

Vegetables and meat wrapped with thin dough

Citron tea $2.00 per cup

Traditional Korean tea

Sate Ayam (chicken on the stick / chicken sayay)  $12     

Bakso Sapi (Meatball Soup) $12    

Es Cendol  $8

Pork Adobo $10

Pork Shoulder braised in Filipino Soy sauce, Vinegar, and Garlic. Served over garlic fried rice with a tomato onion salad tossed in vinegar and fish sauce

Bagoong Brussel Sprouts $8

Fried Brussel Sprouts/ Bagoong Vinaigrette/ Shaved Red Onion/ Herbs/ Crunchies

*contains peanuts and shrimp

Ube Cheesecake $6

Ube Cheesecake/ Maria Cookie Crust/ Whipped Coconut Cream/ Toasted Coconut

Dabeli   10$   

Potato Slider with roasted peanuts pomegranate served with mint chutney

Chole Bhature   13$   

Garbanzo Beans stewed and stir fried in a special homemade spice blend served with a fried bread

Awadhi Korma  15$  

Chicken boneless thigh stir fried in a fried onion and nut based sauce served with flavorful Basmati Rice

Lechon Kewali   $10

Pork belly braised in garlic, lemongrass and bay leaves then fried crispy. Served with side of rice and house pickles. Spicy Calamansi soy sauce for dipping.

Kinilaw  $12

Filipino style ceviche with fish & shrimp, vinegar, coconut milk, green mango, chili, red onion, sweet pepper and ginger. Served with crackers.

Chicken Adobo $10

Chicken braised in Vinegar, Soy sauce, garlic, black pepper and bay leaves. Finished off with coconut milk and served over steamed rice.

Boba Fruits Chiller $7     



Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Poboy $10

Grilled pork, pickled carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, and homemade mayo.

Pastries $5

Vietnamese Fried Sesame Balls w/ Mung beans

Vietnamese Donuts

BBQ Pork Steam Buns $5

Spring rolls                   

Grilled pork, grilled chicken                      


Egg rolls                      


Po boy sandwiches

Festival Entertainment

11:00Festival WelcomeMC: Sula Kim & APASAsian Pacific American Society (APAS)
11:30Shaolin Mind, Body, and SpiritShaolin InstituteChinese Community
12:00BharatanatyamNritya RadhikaIndian Community
1:00You are the Most BeautifulFei-Yang Dance TeamNew Orleans Chinese Association (NOCA)
1:15Filipino Folk SongHayley WysingerFilipino-American Association of St. Tammany (FAAST)
1:30The Medley of Chinese Ethnic Group DancesFei-Yang Dance TeamNew Orleans Chinese Association (NOCA)
1:45Zen DanceYan ZhuangNew Orleans Chinese Association (NOCA)
2:30sora callingsoraTaiwanese Association of New Orleans (TANO)
3:15Traditional- Southern Style Lion DanceSouthern Lotus Lion DanceVietnamese Community- Baton Rouge
3:45Festival Closing & ThanksMC: Sula Kim & APASAsian Pacific American Society (APAS)