Farmers Market Craft Vendors




The Farmers Market showcases a rotating group of more than fifty local artists and crafters. On any day a visitor can find up to twenty creative displays with demonstrations of pottery, painting, printmaking and jewelry being designed on site. Local doll makers, collage builders and feather workers share the area with vendors of artisanal bath salts, lotions and candles.








 These are just a few of the rotating group of artists that sell their locally handmade work in the Farmers Market. To learn which artists will be in the Farmers Market each day contact the Farmers Market office at 504-596-3420. Most Farmers Market craft vendors can be found at the Market 7 days a week.


Company Name /Website


Allen, John

 Ink Illustrations


Allison, John

Chique of Arabi

Reclaimed wood and fleur de lis bottle openers

Broussard, Rod


Caranna, Stephanie

Indigo Graffiti

Sea themed jewelry

Celestine, Namoi

Jewelry from Guitar String

Chadborn, Sabine

Fused Glass

Cosio, Abigail

Feather Jewelry, Headwear

Donahue, Oscar C.


Douglas, Phillip


Drew, Jonathan

Paper mache skulls

Ford, Lisa

Airship Isabella

Steam Punk

Guillaume, Jon

Prints and Illustrations

Hayden, Mecca

Bath Salts

Higgans, Brian



Film Maker

Jno-Finn, Benardett

Health Products

Kleinke, Mindy

Milk Studio

Decorative Tiles

Landry, Sherrill


Long, Chris



McCarthy, Saja

Decorative Tile, Photography

Moran, Sara


Ohanyan, Sonik


Rice jewelry

Sabla, Gamal

Red Cap Photography



Salas, Rico


Sterling, Dan

Tie Dye

Waldrop, Virginia

Melted Wine bottles

Welty, Marlies

Glass jewelry












































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