Flea Market Vending Information

Interested in the Flea Market as a possible site for your business venture? Applications for vending in the Flea Market will be accepted every day between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Flea Market office, 1235 N. Peters Street. 

Prospective vendors are required to call or email for an appointment where they must show product samples prior to entering into the approval process. Appointments can be arranged by calling 504-596-3420 or emailing marketinfo@frenchmarket.org

Flea Market Application and listing of restricted and prohibited products. 

RENTAL RATES (As of June 1, 2011)

ROW   Mon. – Fri.   Sat. and Sun.
A   $23.00   $41.00
B   $16.00   $33.00
C   $15.00   $25.00
D   $11.00   $19.00
Lot (E – K)   $7.00   $14.00



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